Sunday, September 5, 2010

Off-Center Quilt


This grid is for a 48" x 72" quilt top. I want the center of focus to be where the black square is.

What if I fill the grid with 6" Pinwheel blocks?

What if I start with dark blue Pinwheel blocks at the center of focus and make them gradually lighter the farther they are from the center?

This has potential, but all that white dilutes the effect.

What if I replace the white with a light beige? Will that help tie the design together?

It's not much different.

What if I replace the beige with green, starting with light green at the center and working to dark green at the edges?

This is a mess.

What if I start with dark green and dark blue at the center and work to light green and light blue at the edges?

This works. It's not very dramatic but it works. I expect it might work better if I chose my green and blue a little more carefully.

What if I reverse things and put the light colors at the center and the darks at the edges?

The last one was better. There is nothing to balance the darks at the bottom and so this feels bottom heavy.

I think the basic concept works. There may be, and probably are, colors that work better than the blue and green I chose. I might play with that another day.

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