Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Off-Center Quilt

Friendship Star

I want to divide a quilt into 4 quadrants using 6" Friendship Stars.

I don't quite like these proportions.

What if I try again?

I like these proportions better. There's more room to do something.

What if I color the stars outlining each quadrant differently?

What if I reflect the stars in 2 of the quadrants?

The difference made by reflecting the stars is very subtle but it does add some small modicum of variety.

What if I add dark squares into 2 opposite corners of each star and then rotate every second star?

I've used this idea before, see my 25 August 2010 post, and I like the chain that's created. I like how this frames each quadrant.

I think this quilt as it stands provides lots of room for some first class quilting or embroidery. I think it would also work well as the start of an applique quilt.

What if I fill in each of the quadrants with pieced Friendship Stars on colored backgrounds?

This is pleasant, even if it's not very exciting. But it does give me an idea.

What if I turn this into a signature quilt?

The white stars provide plenty of room for signatures.

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1 comment:

  1. Amazing that the proportions seem to change along with the changing contrast.

    Judy B