Friday, September 3, 2010

Amish Star #6


Amish Star Quilt

This quilt design is from 1 September 2010. It is based on an Amish Star block.

Today I'm looking for borders for it.

What if I add a plain border?

This looks good, very contemporary. I'm tempted to stop here; but I won't because I want to know what else is possible before I finally decide.

What if I add an accent border and then repeat the pattern outside it?

This doesn't feel like a border to me. I've extended the pattern and made the quilt larger but I still need to find a border, something to frame the design.

What if I tone down the accent border?

This is better but it still has no border.

What if I tone down the pattern outside the accent border?

Better, but there's still no border.

What if I tone it down some more?

Still no border.

What if I tone it down one more time?

I've found a border. And I am most pleased! Whoever said persistance pays knew a thing or two.

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