Saturday, September 25, 2010


Tear Drop Quilt

This applique quilt design comes from my 21 September 2010 post.

It needs quilting.

(To see the quilting better, you may need to click on the images below to enlarge them.)
What if I create a quilting pattern by repeating the center design using white thread?

This leaves large empty spaces that need to be filled with something else.

What if I use the flower as my quilting design and repeat it?

I like this.
What if I use a light green thread instead of white for the quilting?

I'm not sure about this. I think it has a little more life but I would want to do a sample test before committing to a complete quilt.
What if I do a traditional quilted pattern first and then add the applique after?

I like this idea is best.

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  1. Wayne, there is something about this design that I think is just eye catching. I mean show quality, award winning. Love it.


    PS - Not sure if you have spotted it, but the Christmas Quilt Show 2010 is also accepting EQ6/EQ7 entries this year. I do hope you'll enter a quilt or design.

  2. SewCalGal

    I'm glad you like my quilt. I can feel my head swelling because of your praise.

    You probably noticed that the flowers are made with pieces cut using an GO die cutter.

    I have EQ6 but I don't use it. It isn't compatible with how I design.

  3. Hi Wayne,
    You may like the new tulip die for this design.
    Have a look
    would work well on this quilt design!
    Sending some customers to check out all the feathers ideas that you have come up with.
    keep sharing and encouraging us all!