Thursday, December 9, 2010


Tear Drop Quilt

Once upon a time, 21 September 2010 to be exact, I decided this border was too heavy for this center. I abandoned the border and went looking for one that was more in scale with the center.

But, what if I abandon the center and go looking for one that is more in keeping with the scale of the border?

What if I use the heavier flower design for the entire quilt?

The center and border are now in scale but this arrangement is too static for me.

What if I rearrange the flowers so that there is a gap in the middle of the edges?

This is a more interesting shape. However, because the flowers are so evenly spread apart there is a blandness to this design.

What if I crowd the flowers in towards the center?

Now there are dense areas and open areas. I like this better.

What if I try a different arrangement?

This is a structure with some variety.

What if I add another flower to the center?

This gives greater emphasis to the center.

What else can I do to add variety and interest?

What if I vary the color of the flowers and the leaves?

I think this works. I could play with what color goes where and maybe try different colors, but I think the basic concept is sound.

All the applique pieces for this quilt can be cut on a Go fabric cutter. To see other examples using these same pieces go to My Posts by Subject in the sidebar on the right and click on Applique.

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  1. I love the border. Who says it even needs a center. Or, the center could just be a quilting more piecing. Some medallion of the components of the border....

    Great blog!

    Have you ever considered designing crazy quilts? That's a great get all those seams to work together...and play nice...and still have a quilt that has a cohesive design. Ah, a challenge worthy of a thinking man!