Thursday, December 2, 2010



Two days ago (30 November 2010) I created this quilt top design. Today it gets borders.
What if I repeat the arc from the original block to make a border?

This works but I want something a little more substantial.
What if I repeat part of the design from the basic motif to make a border?

This works but it feels to me more like an elaboration of the design than like a border.

What if I turn the borders inside out and then rejoin them by adding new corners?

This works. The border is a border and at the same time it echoes the principal design.
What if I color the border gray instead of black?

This works. The border is less obtrusive and the quilt top design takes center stage.
What if I change the gray in the border to light beige and make the background pale beige?

I am happy with this. I have come to the end of my journey.

I've played with other borders as well; to see them go to My Posts by Subject in the sidebar on the right and click on Borders.

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