Tuesday, December 14, 2010


On Point Oh Susannah

I've been fiddling with this since 10 November 2010. I like the central motif but I'm still looking for a border that will set it off.
What if I tone down the background grays and make the brown border larger?

The background is less obtrusive and I like the proportions better.
What if I create a diamond around the central motif using design elements from the motif?

This crowds the motif and interferes with the outline shape.
What if I create a gap between the motif and the diamond?

This reads better and the motif looks like it did a month ago.
What if I make the background inside the diamond plain white?

Finally I've got something I'm happy with.
What if I make the background inside the diamond pale brown?

I'm happy with this too. But I think I like the white background better.

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