Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Paired Blocks #9

Nine Patch & Drunkard's Path

Each of these 2 motifs is made using Nine Patch and Drunkard's Path blocks.
When I combine them I get a design unit that looks somewhat like a puzzle piece.

 What if I combine 4 of the puzzle pieces?

If I assume that the Nine Patch blocks are 3" x 3", then this design is 21" x 21". I think that is a suitable size for a square table topper.

What if I finish it with dark red binding?
What if I add a dark red Nine Patch block in the center?

I liked it better before.
What if I do a black accent border, a white accent border and a red binding strip?

I've gotten rid of the dark red. I think this looks clean and modern.

This is the 3rd in a series of 3 small square quilt made from a combination of Nine Patch and Drunkard's Path blocks. To see the others go to My Post by Subject in the sidebar on the right and click on either Nine Patch, or Drunkard's Path.

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