Friday, December 3, 2010

Paired Blocks #2

Nine Patch & Drunkard's Path

I thought it might be interesting to mix Nine Patch blocks with Drunkard's Path blocks. I am going to play with that idea and see what sort of motifs I can develop. Some other day I'll try designing quilts from those motifs.

I've tried other things using Nine Patch blocks; to see those go to My posts by Subject in the sidebar on the right and click on Nine Patch.


  1. Wayne,

    Intersting combination ... interesting possibilities. If anybody misses me I just might be playing with this, though it might have to wait until after Christmas. Look forward to seeing what you come up with!

    Judy B

  2. Judy

    I know you've played with these 2 blocks separately. It will be interesting to see what you come up with when you put them together.

  3. Elsie

    I couldn't remember ever seeing these two blocks used together so I thought I'd try it.