Wednesday, December 1, 2010



This tessellation comes from a recent post (27 November 2010). It needs more color than just blue and white.
What if I try 3 colors - red, green, and black?
What if I use several different reds and greens?
What if I change the background to white?

This could be Christmas wrapping paper.
What if I create a series of colored rings? I'll start with light purple in the center, then blue purple, then green, then brown. The background can be black.
What if I leave the background black in the center, but replace it with dark brown everywhere else?

This separates the purple & black core from the green & brown surround.
What if I change the browns to greens?

I like this but I think the colors need some fine tuning.
What if I lighten the light purple and light greens, and then darken the dark greens?

The heightened contrast gives this a little more life.

I am now, what is technically known as, a happy chappie.

To see what else I've tried doing by playing with colors go to My Posts by Subject in the sidebar on the right and click on Colors.

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