Saturday, December 4, 2010



This quilt top design from 2 days ago needs quilting designed for it.
What if I outline each of the design elements in its own color?

The contrast of thick and thin adds life.
What if I isolate the center design element and play with quilting for it?

I think this quilting motif works well with this design.
What if I repeat the quilting motif wherever it fits throughout the central image?

I still have spaces to fill.
What if I use similar motifs to fill the empty spaces?

The quilting ties the central image together. Can I do the same thing with the border?
What if I use a lighter thread in the border and use modified versions of the existing quilting motifs?

The remaining empty spaces can be quilted using a filler design.

I am happy with this. The block is simple. The free motion quilting is simple. But the result looks very elaborate.
Out of curiosity, what if I invert the colors?

I would never have thought to try these colors but with just a little tweaking (I'm not keen on the green in the center) I think they would work just fine.

Quilting design is not my strong point but I've been working at it; to see examples go to My posts by Subject in the sidebar on the right and click on Quilting.


  1. These are beautiful. I've been sketching quilt designs in a sketch book. I'm new at this and hadn't thought of doing it on the computer until I happened on your blog. What computer program do you use to create all of your wonderful designs. I searched your site and didn't find a link to a design program.

  2. Mommarock

    I started designing using graph paper. When I finally got a computer I didn't know about quilt design programs so I did my designing using Paint which comes as part of Microsoft Windows.

    I have EQ6 but I don't use it. It has some very nice features but it is not compatible with how I like to design. I like to combine and recombine design elements over and over. To do that with EQ6 I have to go back to square one and redraw everything; which is too time consuming.

    I just got Illustrator which is a vector based drawing program and much more sophisticated than Paint. I am in the process of learning it and hope to design using it in the future.

    I recently got a Go machine; which cuts fabric using dies. So I've been doing some applique design by cutting out different shapes and playing with them on my design wall. I've also photographed some of these designs, imported them into my computer and played with them there.

    I still occasionally doodle with pencil and paper. But none of that has found its way on to my blog.

    For the time being most of my designing is done using the Paint program.

  3. Wayne,

    The quilting on this one is great .... and love it with colours inverted, though I owuld tweak it a bit too.

    Judy B

  4. Judy

    I'm quite content with this quilting. I think, in retrospect, that the quilting in the border does not have to be a lighter thread but could be the same color as the main quilting.