Thursday, December 23, 2010

Paired Blocks #10

Nine Patch & Drunkard's Path

This quilt top (8 December 2010) needs quilting.
What if I start in the center with a semi-circular pinwheel?

It's too big; it's not to scale.
What if I mimic the Nine Patch blocks using a black thread ?

It covers the territory but it detracts from the main design.
What if I use a light green thread instead of black?

This is better but it's not complete.
What if I try a spray of green rays from the corners of the black Drunkard's Path blocks?

I like the rays; but there is too much Nine Patch mimicry.
What if I remove everything except the Nine Patch mimicry in the Nine Patch blocks and the rays in the black Drunkard's Path blocks?

This is good. I need to fill in the blank spaces, but I need to do it subtly.
What if I fill the white squares with white on white  Nine Patch mimicry? What if I inline the white quarter circles with white? What if I inline the green shapes in the Drunkard's Path blocks with green?

I like how this looks.

Quilting can greatly affect the appearance of a quilt. To see other quilts and how quilting affects them, go to My Posts by Subject in the sidebar on the right and click on Quilting.

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