Friday, March 19, 2010

My First Book

I've written a book, Designing Quilt is Easy!  It won't be available from C&T Publishing until April.  However, the printer sends ahead a few copies to use for promotion and the publisher passes one on to the author. Today I received my copy.  So now I'm promoting it by showing you the cover.


  1. Congratulations! How proud you must be. I can't wait to see it.

  2. Congratulations Wayne - what a great achievement! I read your posts with great interest.

  3. Wayne,
    Congratulations. Major accomplishment. Love the cover. Can't wait to see a copy! I'm sure your book is delightful and will be a great success!


  4. Something else to add to the most wanted list!

    Love the cover!

    Judy B

  5. Congratulations! I am looking forward to seeing your book when it becomes available for purchase. The cover looks good.

  6. Oh, this is exciting. I can hardly wait to get a copy!

    I was just at a writer's conference and met a gal from Okotoks who is also writing a quilting book. Hers is tips for beginners. Go Alberta!

  7. For those of you not intimately familiar with Alberta, Okotoks is a town about 10 miles south of calgary, where I live.

    The name Okotoks is from the Blackfoot word for rock. During the last ice age a 16,500 ton piece of the Rocky Mountains fell on a glacier. The glacier carried it hundreds of miles to the east and south and left it on the prairies. It is the world's largest glacial erratic and lies just west of Okotoks.