Saturday, March 6, 2010

Playing with Piecing


I drew my version of a snail on a grid using only straight lines.  I want to make a quilt block from it; so now I need to discover how I am going to piece it.
I'll show my initial seam lines in red.

What if, after I've closely framed the snail, I simply split it in two horizontally?  Across the top of the snail's head and through the center of the shell seems like a good spot.
I'll show my next seam lines in green.

What if I separate out the eye stalks and then draw a seam across the bottom of the shell?

Rather than piece the top of the eye stalks, I'm going to applique them; so I've shown them in orange.
When I color my design in, I get this.

It may not fool an expert but it looks like a snail to me.
What if I stitch a spiral on the shell?

I've got a block that would look good on a kid's quilt.

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