Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Playing with Quilting

Ohio Star

I am going to start with this arrangement of 4 Ohio Star blocks and see if I can devise some decorative quilting that will enhance them.
What if I create horizontal and vertical connections between the blocks?

What if I cap the connections with semi-circles?

This adds emphasis to the stars and gives more structure to the quilt.
What if I echo quilt beside the connecting lines?

The double line detail brings this to life.  And the additional semi-circles add even more emphasis to the stars.
What if I create a series of concentric circles inside the stars?

This detracts from rather than add to the impact of the stars.  It looks messy.
What if I add more stars and a plain blue border?

What if I add some white on white echo quilting to finish the background?

The echo quilting is interesting and will push the stars forward.  Stippling would work too.

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