Sunday, March 14, 2010

Playing with Blocks

Ohio Star

I want to design a quilt top using an Ohio Star block.
What if I arrange 4 Ohio Star blocks so that their corners touch?

I need to fill the large empty spaces.

What if I draw lines connecting the 4 corner stars with the center star?
What if I color the connections using purples from the original Ohio Star blocks?

This has my attention. I wonder what several of these put together would look like?

What if I use 6 of them to make a quilt top?

I like this.  But two purples is not enough. It needs more color.
What if I color the small triangles a light purple?

If I were Queen Victoria, I'd say, "We are amused."  But I'm not; so I'll just say, "I like it."

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1 comment:

  1. Wayne,

    You have shown just how simple it can be to design something new based on something old. Wonderful result, and something to rub in the faces of those who say 'there is nothing new.'

    Could you separate the four stars with sashing, or even far enough to add another star in the intersection, then join the sashing star to the corner stars?

    Judy B