Thursday, March 18, 2010

Playing with Borders

Ohio Star Quilt

On March 14 I posted this idea for a quilt top based on an Ohio Star block.

Today I'm going to try and find a border for it.

What if I try a plain border of dark purple?
What if I add squares inside the border to connect it to the quilt pattern?
What if I change the border to a medium purple?
What if I replace the border with a colored background?

What if I admit that I can't decide and ask for help?

Is there anything else you think I could try? Is there any one of the above attempts that you think is better than the others?

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  1. I like it with just the dark purle border - the quilt appears to be floating.

  2. Virginia

    It does look better just floating, doesn't it. Some times simplest is best. It's easy to get carried away looking for some thing unique every time. What really matters is what looks best.

  3. Wayne,

    I like the simple dark purple border too, but even if I go back to the simplest and first thought I still like to try other things just in case I find something way better.

    Judy B