Friday, March 19, 2010

Playing with Piecing


I wanted to make an elephant block, so I drew what I thought was a reasonably good elephant.
Perhaps it's a little cartoony (Is this a word?); but it's recognizable.
Then I had a brilliant idea.  What if I actually looked at a picture or two of elephants?

I redrew my elephant.  This is more like it.

How should I piece it?
To start I'll show seam lines in red.

What if I divide the image vertically with lines on either side of the face?
Next I'll show seam lines in blue.

What if I try horizontal seams at the base of each ear, across the top of the head, and across the top of the trunk?
I'll show the last seam lines in green.

The sewing is straight lines and 45 degree angles.  It should be easy enough.

The only matching that has to be done is where the two halves of the trunk meet at the red seem line.
The eyes could be stitched or appliqued; or they could be buttons.

Thread painting on the ears and trunk would add some detail.

All in all not a bad looking elephant.

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