Monday, March 22, 2010

Playing with Letters

From My Pieced Alphabet:


I was playing with Drunkard's Path blocks when I asked myself, "What if I based an alphabet on Drunkard's Path blocks?"

Typically a Drunkard's Path block has a quarter circle that touches the sides a quarter of the way in from two opposite corners.

In order to accommodate Drunkard's Path blocks and have them line up with the rest of the letter, the basic grid needs to look like this.
Hopefully, the grid makes more sense when you see a letter, such as R, on it.

Notice that a section of the letter has a Drunkard's Path block with 2 quarter circles.  In this case a Drunkard's Path block is made using an existing Drunkard's Path block which is treated as if it were a plain square.
This alphabet can be made using a single color for the letters.  I thought it would be easier to see how it goes together if I used three shades of green.

Besides, a multicolored letter is a little more jazzy.


  1. Wayne,

    Very clever!

    I rather like the idea of using scraps for these letters, making sure there is good conrast between the letters and the background.

    Judy B

  2. Judy

    Now that you mention it, I rather like the idea of using scraps for these letters too. Thanks for the idea.