Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Playing with Blocks

Empire Star

When I came across this block, Empire Star, I was delighted. It is one of the few blocks based on reflected symmetry.
Empire Star is made using this basic unit.
If the basic unit is reflected to the right, creating its mirror image, and the two are joined, this larger unit is the result.

If the larger unit is then reflected down, creating its mirror image, and the two are joined, Empire star is the result.
What if the larger unit is reflected up instead of down to create a mirror image?

When the units are joined this new block is the result.

What if the basic unit was reflected to the left instead of to the right?

When the mirror images are joined a different unit results.

What if this new unit is reflected down and the two units joined?

The result is another new block.
What if the new unit is reflected up and the two joined?

Again, another new block.

I haven't seen these blocks before. If you have let me know.  Meanwhile we have 3 new blocks to play with.

For more Ideas on playing with blocks go to My Post by Subject in the sidebar on the right and click on Blocks


  1. Wayne,

    The last one is a border waiting to happen, though it might be easier to get around corners using the one before it. That one would look the same but the corner connection may be easier.

    Judy B

  2. Judy

    You've been reading my mind. Earlier today I was thinking that I should try using these as borders. However, I didn't stop to consider the problem of corners. But now that you've mentioned it, I feel inspired. Some time in the near future I will try the experiment and then blog a post on the result.