Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Playing with Quilting

Drunkard's Path Quilt

This block is made using 6 Drunkard's Path blocks.  On 24 February I posted a blog showing a larger block made with 4 of these blocks and a quilt made from 4 of the larger blocks plus sashing.  Ruthie asked, "...but how would you quilt it?"  Good question.
My wife, Linda suggested I try this in the quarter circles.  It is an idea she derived from the Sashiko pattern Pampas Grass.
When I put 4 of these together rotated, I get this square.  I added a small dark square in the center with some light green grass stitched in it.

I think this is an excellent start.  Now I need to fill in the spaces between the quarter-circles.
What if I stick to the nature theme and sew fern leaves in the spaces?

I don't think this works. It's distracting.
What if I try a geometric pattern?  I'll try echo quilting around the quarter-circles.

I think this works better.

The echo quilting makes me think of ripples around pond lilies.  Maybe I should change the background greens to blues.

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