Sunday, March 28, 2010

Playing with Quilting

Shoo Fly Placemat

This placemat was made using 6 Shoo Fly blocks.

I want to spice it up with some quilting
What if I stitch outside the ditch in each block in this manner?
This is good but the large white rectangular spaces need something.
What if I reroute the stitching so that it heads outside of the block?
This is better but I'm still not fond of the large white areas.
What if I detour the stitching before it can leave the block?
This is better still.  The large white areas have been broken up.
What if I try one more thing and detour the stitching, both vertically and horizontally, down the center of the block?
I like this; the quilting and the Shoo Fly block work well together.

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  1. Wayne, the last I think is the best,, I like how it is one continuous line ( I think it is, right?! )
    the second and third one of your designs leads itself to some individual quilting in the center pink squares and the center white space... if you wanted to do that
    What fun to play, huh!?!
    Beth in Dallas

  2. Beth

    I'm with you; I think last is the best; but I also think the others are servicable.

    Each block is one continuous line. There is an error in the illustration which may make it appear that the 2 Shoo Fly blocks on the right are quilted with one continuous line of quilting. However, when you trace the lines, it turns out that it takes 2 lines of quilting to cover these two blocks as well.