Sunday, March 7, 2010

Playing with Piecing

Shoo Fly Quilt

This quilt was designed using Shoo Fly blocks.  On 21 January 2010, I added a border; now I want to determine the best way piece it.

The piecing for the binding and the outer white border is obvious; so I can ignore that.

What if I break the quilt down into Shoo Fly blocks?

This works; however, when the blocks are joined, small black pieces end up being sewn together to make larger black pieces.  Can I redesign the piecing so that they are large black pieces to start with?  Ditto the small white pieces.

What if I ignore the Shoo Fly blocks?

What if I allow blocks of varying sizes?

I can divide the quilt into 7 columns and 7 rows. 

The result is fewer pieces to cut and sew.  This should speed things up quite a bit.

However; there are also a greater variety of blocks to keep track of (10 compared to 5) and that will slow things down a little.

All things considered, I like this piecing better.  But there is nothing wrong with doing it the first way if someone would rather make Shoo Fly blocks.

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  1. great quilt design! all done with color, too. bet it would be beautiful in batiks, using those suble shadings that they have.
    I just might have to tag this to remember for my "someday" quilt list!
    Thanks for sharing your designs
    Beth in Dallas

  2. Beth

    Thanks for sharing your comments.

    I too think this would be beautiful in batiks. I also think it would be interesting to try a different color run. Instead of yellow through orange to red, maybe try yellow through green to blue.

    If someday ever happens I'd love to see a photo.