Sunday, March 28, 2010


There is an error in the last illustration in today's earlier blog.  The quilting for the 2 Shoo Fly blocks on the right side of the placemat is shown as connecting vertically.  Actually, each Shoo Fly block is quilted separately.

This is what the illustration should look like.
However, the quilting could be done as a single continuous line by connecting it up in the two center diamonds as shown.

It seems to me that sometime, somewhere, someone told me pink and red should never be used together because they clash.  Be that as it may, I like this combination.


  1. Wayne,

    I like your mistake!

    Not too sure how it would be done by machine, but it wouldn't involve too many problems if done by hand.

    Judy B

  2. Judy

    I'm good at making mistakes. I sometimes wish it was an olympic event.

    A placecmat is small enough that sewing this by machine shouldn't prove all that difficult to do, even though it would require a lot of twisting and turning. This is true of the first version where each Shoo Fly block is quilted separately.

    The second version, where the quilting is one continuous line, is do-able but might prove more difficult. It would require some serious concentration to be able to keep track of exactly where in the pattern you are.

  3. Wayne,

    If making mistakes was an Olympic sport we would be competing against each other!

    Judy B