Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Playing with Blocks

Card Trick

What if I make a Card Trick block that has 3 "cards" the same and one different?
What if I take 4 of the blocks and rotate them, then combine them?

Not much to look at yet, but then I've just started. There are lots of things I can try.
What If I add a bit more magenta?
This is starting to look like something, but it needs more contrast to give it definition.
What if I replace some of the magenta with a deep magenta?
I'm not sure this is an improvement. I like the deep magenta but I think the large  magenta "jewel" is too overwhelming, too heavy.
What if I take out some of the magenta and put the tan back in?
I like the ribbon effect of this. And it is lighter. It is almost as if the magenta ribbon has been placed on top of the Card Trick blocks.
When I combine 4 of these large blocks there is a diamond pattern that shows up between the Card Trick blocks. I like it.

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