Tuesday, November 30, 2010



The other day (27 November 2010) I used this simple block as the basis of a tessellation. Today I want to try using it differently.
What if I combine this block with a reflected version of itself?
What if I add 3 more blocks and make a cross?
What if I combine 4 crosses rotated?
What if, in each corner, I place a ribbon made from 4 blocks?
I like the ribbon. What if I use it as a design unit?
 What if I combine 4 ribbon units rotated?
What if I use a pinwheel to connect the O's in the center?

I have a motif that I can repeat.
What if I repeat the motif and add some color?
What if I cap the open ends of the motifs?

I think this quilt top presents plenty of opportunity for some interesting quilting.

To see other blocks and how I played with them go to My Posts by Subject in the sidebar on the right and click on Blocks.


  1. Amazing and to think it started with something so simple. Are we allowed to make a quilt like this?

  2. Hettie

    If you want to make this quilt, go ahead. If you do make it, I would very much like for you to email me a picture.