Friday, November 5, 2010


Curved Tear Drop

I want to create an applique design for a quilt top using only this curved tear drop shape.

Normally I start Designing in the center of a quilt.  What if I start in the corners this time?

This corner design reminds me of leaves.

What if I add pink flowers to the corners and the center?

I like what I see; but I'd like to see more.
What if I add grey flowers along the edges?

The center needs to be larger and more important.
What if I repeat the corner design in the center?

The center still needs a bit more emphasis.
What if I add some pink to the center?

I like this better but the quilt still needs more color.
What if I add pink to the remaining flowers?

What if I add pale pale pink to the background?

This softens it a little but not too much.

I think this is my final design; but I want to try a couple more things to be sure.
What if I replace some of the grey with pale green?

Now I'm not sure which I like best; but I'm still leaning toward the last design
What if I replace all the black and grey with green?

I've gone too far. I'm not saying I don't like this, 'cause I do; but it lack the punch of the previous two versions.

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  1. What if you had an undulating line with the tear drops, as a border - like a vine with leaves.

  2. Liz

    That sounds like a good idea. It would tie things together.