Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Log Cabin Placemat

I want to make a placemat using Log Cabin blocks.

What if, instead of square, I make my blocks rectangular and use 3 of them to make a placemat?
What if I use black strips at the ends of the blocks and try a color run in each block, going from a dark shade of yellow green to a light tone of orange yellow?
What if I rotate the center block?
What if I replace the black with a light tone of purple blue?

These colors may not suit everyones decor. But this is a simple and modern design that can easily adapt to other color schemes.
What if I create square rings of color in the Log Cabin blocks?  I'll try shades of red yellow and blue. (A shade is a color plus black. Yellow plus black makes olive.)
What if I make the strips on one end of each block light grey and use only shades of blue and yellow?

This is very simple but I like it.

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