Sunday, November 28, 2010


On Point Oh Susannah

I'm still looking for some way to finish this image. I want to do something besides just adding plain borders.
What if I use a washed out version of the design as background?

These are not my colors.
What if I change the background to neutral white and grays?

The dark squares stand out too much.
What if I lighten the dark squares in the background and add a brown border?

It's better but it's not there yet.

What if I extend the background into the border? I need to widen the border to do this.
What if I change the background to light blues instead of grays?

I like the results but not enough to want to sew it. I feel I keep missing something but I don't know what. Any suggestions as to what I should try in order to make this work?

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  1. Maybe there is too much 'sameness' in the overall design? Change the background to contrast? Or variety in the size of the pieces. Not sure.

  2. Elsie

    You're right about the need for contrast. The blue is too close in tone to the yellow ocher.

    I think I should go back to the grey and white background and tone it down even more. That would keep the background from being bland but at the same time heighten the contrast.

  3. Wayne,

    My first thought was the same, but maybe try making the contrast more subtle by using paler golds/yellows with very little contrast between them so that there is a change of texture rather than colour between the centre and the background blocks.

    Judy B

  4. Judy

    It's a good thought. And definitely worth trying.

    It's odd that color for this quilt should give me so much trouble. It looked straightforward enough to start with.

  5. Wayne, why don't you just press the "reverse" bottom?.. Could it be a surprise, there?.. :) :)

  6. Susana

    Good suggestion, I already tried it; that's how I got the blues.

  7. I was thinking contrast in shape/size more than color. The eye needs a place to "rest"??

  8. Elsie

    I've been so focused on color as the source of my problem that I haven't thought to focus on other aspects of the design. I'll have to do that. Thanks for the reminder.