Monday, November 8, 2010

From My Pieced Alphabet:

Eau Claire

Sometimes different alphabets will share some characteristics. Especially when you are comparing only a few letters.  This alphabet has characteristics in common with my Glenmore alphabet (See my 17 May 2010 post). However if you compare the Eau Claire O with the Glenmore Q it is obvious that the two alphabets are fundamentally different.

This alphabet exhibits more flexibility in how letters are formed than most of the ones that I've posted so far. Compare how the P and O are handled.

Consistency in an alphabet is more about compatible appearance than it is about identical structure.

If you are are wondering what that last sentence means, it means that the P below, even though it contains more of the design elements found in the O and S than does the P above, doesn't look as good as the P above when used with other letters in the alphabet.

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