Tuesday, November 16, 2010


On Point Oh Susannah

This quilt top design, from my 10 November 2010 post, could use a better border treatment.
What if I fill the corners with a pattern inspired by Celtic knots?
What if I soften the contrast with a pale ocher background?
What if I connect the corner designs to the border?
What if I addd an outside border and return the background to the original pale beige?
What if I make part of the background light blue?

I've come to the conclusion that the corner ornamentation doesn't match the central image; it's too stark. Playing with colors won't fix this. I need to start over.

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  1. What if there was a black line around the central motif and what if you used a different celtic pattern. . .I like the coloration in the last option; but my eye has trouble following this design as there is too much to see.

  2. Terry

    The black line sounds like an interesting idea to try.

    The problem may be that the central motif and the corner design are both fighting for attention; like a couple of kids they both want to be number one right now; and so it is hard to know where to direct your attention.