Friday, November 12, 2010


Sawtooth Star

For me, the hardest part of designing a quilt is designing the quilting. However, this design from my 30 October 2010 post needs quilting; so here I go.
What if I emphasize the circular aspects of the design by stitching large blue circles?

This doesn't really emphasize the roundness; it doesn't fit in; and I'm at a loss as what to do next. Besides I don't think those large circles will be all that easy to sew.

What if I emphasize the yellows by outlining them with black stitching?

This doesn't appeal to me; I don't think it adds to the design.
What if I develop the yellow areas by stitching yellow straight line spirals?

This does add to the design; I like it.
What if I do the same for the grey areas?

I still like the idea.
What if I do the same for the blue areas?

I think I've taken this idea as far as it wants to go. Doing white spirals in the white areas would be overkill.

For the white areas I think a filler design such as stippling or pebbling would provide some contrast and work best.

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