Saturday, November 13, 2010


Snail's Trail

Borders can mean a lot to a quilt. This Snail's Trail design from my 9 November 2010 post could use borders.
What if I extend the background to give the image some breathing room, and at the same time complete the background Snail's Trail pinwheels?

The design is quite elaborate. What if I try a plain border using the red brown from the image?

This works, but is red brown the best color to use?
What if I try a red black border?

This works too.
What if I try matching the olive background with an olive border?

This is my favorite so far.
What if I make the olive border just a little darker?

This is the one I want to go with.

I know I'm supposed to be deciding on a border, but I had a thought. What if I add 2 more blocks to the quilt?

I like the 4 block version but I like this one just a little more.

For more border ideas go to My Posts by Subject in the sidebar on the right and click on Borders.

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