Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Shoo Fly

I went back to my 21 January 2010 post and found this quilt top design derived from a Shoo Fly block.

How should I quilt it?
What if I start with a series of circles at the center?

This surprised me. Before, I saw 4 small red diamonds at the center; now, I see a large red star. I wonder if this will happen when I actually quilt it?
What if I add more circles centered on the colored squares?

This is interesting around the outside but messy and confusing near the center.
What if I leave the 8 circles in the center and then center 6 circles on each of 9 white diamonds?

This has more structure and less confusion.
What if I center 5 circles on an additional 8 white diamonds?

This is even better.

What if I add 4 circles to each of the 4 corner diamonds?

This works well. I've found my quilting for the main image.
What if I mimic the circle with semi-circles in the border?

I'm not even going to finish this. I can see that it's getting messy again. The border semi-circles detract from the impact of the main image.
What if I stipple the white areas with white thread?

This keeps the focus where it should be.
What if I finish off by adding dark grey circles to the perimeter squares?

I'm happy; so I'm done,

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