Sunday, November 14, 2010


Hexagonal Blocks Quilt

When it comes time to quilt my designs I'm always tempted to take the easy way out and stitch-in-the-ditch or stipple. This design from my 11 November 2010 post needs something else.
What if I try contrasting colors and shapes?

This attempt at stitching petals on the hexagonal rings does not work.
What if I add more petals and match the colors to the individual rings?

It still doesn't work.
What if I try ellipses?

This works even less.
What if I try a series of triangular shaped petals?

I'll go with this.
What if I outline the borders using a brown thread?

I like this.
What if I ouline the central image using white thread? (You may have to click on this and enlarge the image to see the stitching)

This is simple but effective.

There are still 2 large white areas that need to be quilted.

What if I fill the white spaces with a repeat of the triangular shaped petals?

I like this but I'm not crazy about it. Maybe I'll come back to it some day and see if something else will work.

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  1. Are we talking hand or machine quilting here? I would definitely like to see a pattern that would be suitable for handquilting as I have a couple of hexagon quilts waiting in line. It is a vexatious problem. Lots of seams and the issue of swinging a quilt around repeatedly to demarcate each shape.

  2. Liz

    You are right about this resulting in a lot of turning and twisting while quilting. That is unless you are really good at free motion quilting, which I'm not.

    I've found that what's easiest and what looks best are not often the same. When I design I worry first about what looks best. Making it work comes second.